Author Jon Krupnick's interest in Pan Am reaches back to the early 1970s, when he was fortunate enough to meet some of the old flying boat captains who had retired in South Florida.

These "Pacific Pioneers" shared with Krupnick many of their photographs, flight covers and memories. As Krupnick's collection grew, he decided to share the stories he had gathered with others interested in Pan Am.

Krupnick's first book, "Pan Am's Pacific Pioneers," was introduced in May of 1997 in San Francisco at the International Stamp Expo. Enthusiastically received, the book won many awards and is now sold out.

As a result of this success, Krupnick was introduced to many more Pan Am pioneers and their children, who have now shared more of the fathers' logs and stories with him. The pages of "Pan Am's Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the Story" - Krupnick's new and updated book - are practically overflowing with freshly gathered pictures and personal mementoes, most of which are from his personal collection.

Despite the huge success of "The Rest of the Story," Krupnick has promised himself and his family that this is the last book he will write about Pan Am's Pacific flights… but that doesn't mean his interest has dimmed.

In fact, this website was created as an online community for anyone who loves the era of Pan Am's flying boats. Stay tuned to the Memorabilia Trading Post for any new finds being offered for sale to collectors, or correspond with other Pan Am enthusiasts all over the world on the Collector's Forum.

Krupnick would love to hear from anyone who shares his interest in Pan Am's flying boats. You can contact the author through email at: jonpac@aol.com.